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A Personal Message to My Patients

When I joined Michigan Avenue Internists in 1996 it was my dream job, a chance to work with the brightest, most caring, dedicated doctors I had ever met. At that time, a busy day consisted of seeing patients comfortably for approximately thirty minutes, and managed care insurance issues were really not much of a bother.

Today, as we all know, the healthcare environment has changed. Physicians tend to see twice as many patients in half the time and Medicare and insurance companies dictate how we run our practices… Doctors are rewarded for speed and technology, not listening, thinking and compassion. Because I am not willing to compromise on the quality of care I provide, my patients are often surprised when I call at 9:30 at night to follow up. In truth, this is a nightly routine for me. While I am adamant that we talk before the end of the day, I look at my pile of messages and documents each day and wonder if this will be yet another night that I don’t get to spend time with my family.

Some of my colleagues transitioned to a concierge/personalized care practice several years ago. I have thought long and hard before making that decision, in spite of the fact that many of my patients urged me to become a concierge physician some time ago. I believe a personalized care practice is my best option for continuing to offer the care and service I know you value and have come to expect from me. I will be easy to reach directly on my cell phone both day and night, on weekends and holidays as well. You can be confident knowing that whether you are a patient at the office or in the hospital, I am the doctor who knows you best… and I will be there for you.

Over my years of practice I have been fortunate to develop wonderful and solid relationships with my patients which I value tremendously. Although I understand this will not be the right fit for all, I do hope our relationship continues for many years to come. I am excited about this next chapter in my professional life, and look forward to remaining your personal physician.

Angelo A. Costas, MD, SC

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